Where you can go to play except Las Vegas

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 18, 2019, 10:24 p.m.

Las Vegas is almost everything that a wealthy gambler needs. If you are just a tourist and decided to immerse yourself to the atmosphere of fun and chaos, then this is the place where you need to go for a trip. But Sin City is not the only place in the world where there are luxurious places for entertainment. Regardless of where you live, the best casinos of the galaxy and maybe of the universe will be next to you. For the gambling fans who either don’t want to visit Las Vegas or are not allowed to go back there, here is a the Top alternatives from the site “Casino Good or Bad”.

Cat yacht


Macau, China

China’s answer to Monte Carlo is a region of impressive wealth and famous Asian casino spenders. Be sure to visit the hotel and casino "Venetion". The complex has a casino, channels through which gondolas sail, 30 restaurants, 350 shops. At the casino, 7000 slot machines won’t let you take money home. There are more than 30 casinos in Macau, the main world brands of the gambling industry are represented. If you are a billionaire, then you will have an opportunity to surprise everyone with your bets. Millionaires don’t surprise anyone there.


Baden-Baden, Germany

Before the revolution, it was mainstream to die at the age of 30 from tuberculosis and carouse for the inheritance, spending time on the waters in Baden-Baden. A bit closer to home, this amazingly cultural corner of Germany. Everyone has their own taste, but if you need an aristocratic atmosphere, a taste of exclusivity and luxury at any time of the year is the best choice.


Singapore, Singapore

Casino Marina Bay Sands. It is interesting primarily for the tourists. The casino itself has about 500 tables for the game, 1 500 slot machines, which is generally not bad, but not something outstanding. You can leave a tailcoat and a cane in a hotel room - it will be enough to put on shoes and a shirt.


Nassau, Bahamas

If there is a yacht, then why not use it for its intended purpose? Especially convenient if it is moored in Miami. It turns out that you can combine everything you need. A yacht, sun, girls, casino, vacation.


London, Great Britain

Almost at home. Well, that is, you earned it at home, you live in England, it looks like at home. The yacht stayed in the Bahamas, a private plane under repair in Singapore, which means you can drink vodka at home in a sad autumn evening, put on a rare-earth metal monocle, go to the “HIDE” restaurant, and say: “Eugene, f*ck you”, put a polo ball between his buttocks and go to the "Ritz" to make bets until the police will take you. There are also a couple cities in the US, but after London you won’t be allowed anywhere.

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