The value of online casino support

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 18, 2019, 4:35 p.m.

Each online casino player has his own priorities when choosing a platform for the game. For some, these are bonuses, others look for a picture that is pleasant to the eye or a broad variety of available games. And someone doesn’t care. For me, the face of online casinos and the quality of services received is customer service. At the current point of the gambling industry development you can be easily deceived by the picture and the number of games, but once you have to contact support services, you will be disappointed with the terrible service. And at that particular moment you will realize how important good and fast support is.



Account Problems

You are the honest player, but at some point you can’t log into your account or some elements of the account do not work properly, or maybe you just need help in setting up. Once it happened, and there is a desire to play, you need a quick solution and answers online. I would be preferable that the support service worked around the clock, had a chat so that I wouldn’t have to wait weeks for a response by mail.

Technical problems

Previously, when I was less responsible when choosing an online casino, I used to meet amazing things. In the monkey office of PokerDom, money was periodically withdrawn from the account, I reported that to the support service, the money was coming back, but over time nothing changed. They did not fix software errors, which means that feedback did not work. I stopped playing there, including because of this reason.


The realities of the Russian segment are such that local affiliates of online casinos mostly promote operators with licenses for gaming activities that do not protect players in no way. If you Choose a UK Gambling Commission licensed casino you will always be sure that the support service will meet high standards of work. Quick payment of winnings, provision of clear answers, and in case of a dispute, the Commission will consider your complaint within 24 hours and will represent your interests as a Party. That is why the communication with the licensees’ support services is pleasant and effective. But there is only a small part of such casinos. In most online casinos, at the time of a dispute, communication can drag on for months without a solution! And you will have no place for appeal! Neither the Curacao license nor Malta license gives the player the opportunity to protect their rights, and licensees use the opportunity not to pay the winning back unacceptably often. And most likely, only a complaint on some forum will appear and that’s it.

Unusual activity

Internet fraud and identity theft are the most common current problems. The choice is obvious. An online casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission is required by law to have an effective data protection policy. You can be sure of safety. And again, in case when you notice a loss of funds from the account, you would like to inform the support team immediately, but not after the weekend.

Funds withdrawal

Particularly at this moment that you will understand everything about the quality of the online casino support service. According to the law, when you withdraw funds, you must pass verification, but how quickly will it pass? In best case scenario, you will be requested to provide the documents, and after an hour they will approve the conclusion. In worst cases, they will get a respond in a day, or even in a week, and the verification process will drag on for a month. Seriously.

Whenever possible, always choose an online casino with a UK Gambling Commission license.

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