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Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 22, 2019, 10:23 p.m.

Slots in online casinos have created a completely new global gambling market. The scale of the industry is phenomenal and continues to expand. Without a knowledge base, anyone can plunge into the wonderful world at the touch of a button. Following a few simple rules will help you protect your money and get maximum pleasure.

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Respect the laws and rules of the casino

Trying to play in an online casino, if it is illegal in your country, may result in disappointment. What if you violated the rules of the casino? You can win a huge amount of money, but you will not have the legal right to demand a payment.


Play only in famous casinos

Before registering in a casino, you need to make sure of the reputation of the site of the gambling operator. Check for a license. Not all licenses guarantee player protection. If an online casino has a license of Malta or Curacao, keep in mind that they are very easy to obtain and they don’t provide any ways to protect the player from unfair casino decisions. The owner can close the online casino and open a new one without paying money to the winners or simply refuse to pay you because you are a “fraud”. These are very convenient licenses for gray casinos - pay 2% tax and do whatever you want.


Play for free

It is possible to play for free without making a deposit. The game on slots is available for simulated money, sometimes casinos give free spins without a deposit, just for registration. Use virtual currency to find out if this slot suits you. Under the terms of the UK Gambling Commission, the chances of winning virtual and real money should be the same.


Priority of quality customer support

Even with the best casinos, sometimes something goes wrong. Sometimes you need to contact Support service. Can I trust reviews on the Internet? Try to ask to clarify to you any detail of their rules. Pay attention to the speed of response, to its completeness. Do they work around the clock or not? Only on weekdays or on weekends too? I try to look at a combination of factors. If the online casino license is Curacao and Support service is available on working days during working hours, I always have a question in my head: will the casino owner pay me a win if he doesn’t want to pay taxes and salaries to the Support service?


Learn the rules of bonus offers

Register at any presentable online casino and you will receive a bonus and free spins. But the conditions under which you will become the full owner of the received funds in each casino will be different. Somewhere you can win a maximum of $ 5 on 100 free spins, and somewhere - 1000. The time during which you must use the bonus and the size of the maximum bets allowed on the bonus money will vary. How many times do you need to scroll bonus money? Not always bonus conditions are stated clearly. The rules must be strictly observed, so try to fully understand the rules and do not hesitate to ask for clarification from the Support service.


Feel free to choose

One of the biggest advantages of online casinos is the opportunity to try out new slots for free. There are thousands of them and you can try everything to find the ones that are good for you.


Progressive Jackpot

The real chances of winning the progressive jackpot are similar to the chances of winning the national lottery. Each spin is like buying a lottery ticket. If your goal is to win immediately and a lot, it is the best choice.


A game for pleasure

Playing in a casino is not a way to make money. It is better to consider any winnings as an unexpected bonus. A casino is fun and entertaining. If not for fun, it is better to stop playing.


Bankroll Management

You must keep track of your money. The only skill in gambling is the ability to stop the game on time.


Never try to win back

When you lose, if you are so upset so that you lose control of yourself, gambling is not for you, find another hobby.


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