Poker myths

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 19, 2019, 12:46 p.m.

Most poker players view themselves as future stars. In fact, the overwhelming majority of poker players will get stucked in the pack of amateurs for an indefinite term. This is due to lack of ambitions and enthusiasm, existence of bad habits and erroneous assumption, as well as to peculiarities of the wonderful game called poker. Oh yes, it is also due to inability to stop the game and to never return to it.

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Everybody bluffs

Bluffing is considered to be a common or even a standard tactics for the vast majority of poker players all over the world. This is not the case. In professional poker circles, bluffing is a rare thing. A man tends to match your stake. This is how human psychology works. In cases when huge sums of money are at stake, it very rarely makes sense to risk everything. It is better to fold unsuccessfully than to match the stake once more.


Poker is not only about mathematics

Alas. it is advantageous for casino marketers to state that a game largely consists of psycology, common sense and strategy. However, low limits Internet bots keeps on winning.


Playing free is the best way to practice

The only thing you learn while playing for simulated money is how to play for simulated money. When you familiarize yourself with game mechanics and rules, playing free may become unproductive. You do not pay commission for playing free. Right? Playing for chips, you cannot find out how your brain will respond to stress when playing for money. You are not motivated to beat your rival. You can aquire bad habits able to affect your playing under real-life conditions.


You need a poker face

Until you start playing poker at a relatively high level, it is unlikely that somebody at the table will be interested in your body language. Now you should not devote too much time to physical skills. Better focus on what is happening at the card table. Just do not jump with joy when you’ve got a good hand.


Online poker game is the same as real one

This is not true. Each kind offers its own unique benefits. When you play poker at an online casino, you are playing against random people from all over the world represented by images and replaced at the table by new players every few minutes. As a result, it is impossible to get acquainted with their way of playing and state of mind. You are also invisible for your rivals. In the real world, it is the opposite. You will play for hours against the same players. I think this kind of poker is suitable for people who are used to counting money.


You may become a professional

I don’t think it’s a good idea to become a professional card player. But okay. It is difficult. It is difficult to become the best in any area of activity. Statistics show that you have to be the only one who is the best out of 100 persons. In my opinion, in this case and at the present stage of development of the poker industry only offline players have a future.

My main rule and my advice to everybody is to treat a casino as an entertainment. If you have no other forms of entertainment or if you started having troubles due to losings, you’d better stop.


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