Online poker was born dead

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 21, 2019, 9:46 p.m.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a series of events led to a poker boom in 2003-2006. In 1998, the film "Rounders" was released, the Internet gambling industry was not regulated until 2006, ESPN in 2004-2005 had to broadcast poker battles instead of the NHL, and Chris Moneymaker was at the forefront of online poker promotion, thanks to his victory at the WSOP main poker event in 2003. He got into this tournament with the help of a satellite on Poker Stars. In principle, this is a standard practice for a casino - when someone wins, the casino engages the winner into the advertising company. All these milestones are described in thousands of articles, but I would like to consider a few points and actions of the casino and affiliates, which eventually led to a decline in the poker system.

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Poker is a game of skill

True, but first of all, poker is a gamble. Poker is a casino game, and one of the worst for a player. The imposed point of view was widespread that the poker room is not a casino. I beg to differ, poker is a gamble. The poker room provides a playing field for the game and takes a standard reward, as traditional casinos do, but it is called "rake", although in fact it is a casino mathematical expectation.


Poker is not like other casino games

Why? I would compare it to video poker, but poker is much worse. Let’s take a look at tournaments and cash games. You can win a maximum of 10 buy-ins per session and before that a lot of time and money will be spent. Lost banks and simply unsuccessful gaming sessions with suboptimal play. It is meant that you have a high skill of the game and you are engaged in the selection of tables for the game. You probably learned to play on your own mistakes and while spending your own money. The waste of money, the lack of pleasure and stress - such a pastime can hardly be called entertainment. To summarize, you need to spend too much to get too little. So what does it have in common with video poker? Only the amount of money that you will lose, moreover there is a small nuance. If you collect a strong combination, such as royal flash, in video poker you will get more or less 65,000 bets, and in a live game it is most likely that you will not get anything.


Make efforts and you will receive a reward from a distance

Yes, study, look into the base of hands, learn about the best rivals, choose the game, don’t pay attention to your private life, forget about all other spheres of your life, risk a lot for the sake of small things and if you are as cool as cucumber, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to earn 1 big blind per 100 hands. The business of the largest poker affiliate - Poker Strategy was built on this statement. We take a set of buzzwords, add a drop of Nash equilibrium, shake everything and sell. Why did this business strategy work? Gambling is a continuation of the belief that although we can lose, we will not lose, because we know the system, we know how to play and we can find out how to win. Make an effort - this is a rational slogan that helps subjective rationalism to justify the actions of an addicted person. The subject is studying some tutorials, he acquires a sense of superiority, and he continues to play poker and lose. No course on the Internet can teach a person to stay calm when making decisions. How many registrations are there at Poker Stars? 100 million. And how many of them played a plus? I would like to see a man who came up with the idea to use the word “distance” in the context of gambling. Each event is independent. There is no distance. I will explain. You claimed $ 100 on the table and lost them. Well, now you have $ 100 less money than you had and exactly the same expectation from the game as the hand before. No arguments on the topic of distance make sense if money supply is not infinite.


Play more aggressively

All you need to know about people is that they are paranoid. A person is more inclined to level a bet than to fold. Preflop and you will be left without money. I mean low limits; the casino commission will “eat” all the money. The poker calculator will assure you that you have an advantage over the range. Range is one of the words that clutters your mind. I suggest everyone to individually understand the commission of 5% and its impact on the speed of an increase in the gambling operator’s welfare.

What conclusion can be made? Poker can be a good game for online casinos with a commission of about 1%, but there will always be games from which you can get much more pleasure, spend less time on them and in which it is possible to win much more money. There will be a continuation about tournaments.


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