Monte Carlo for the player. Limited budget

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 19, 2019, 12:14 a.m.

If you frequently visit the country of a potential adversary, most likely you’ve visited Las Vegas. The city of lights, which the great Dostoevsky would worship if he were alive. But Europe has its own capital of the gaming industry - it is the famous city of Monte Carlo in the kingdom of Monaco. Elitism and exclusivity, the first two words that come to mind when mentioning a small but great country. The era of glamor made the name of the country a household name and repulsive of potential visitors. It is cool to visit Monaco and you can afford it even with a limited budget, but you have to try.

Monte Carlo landscape view


An important nuance. Trips to the snow-white and clean beaches of the kingdom will never be cheap. In winter and in summer there is no difference in prices. In late spring, the most visited event is held - the Monaco Grand Prix. During this time, oddly enough, tickets will cost less, as more flights, and the more flights, the more free seats. Just take care of your reservation in advance. There are no cheap hotels in Monte Carlo. Try staying in the nearby town of Beausoleil. It is located on the French border, 5-10 minutes by car. You can find the number for $20. Rent a car and stay there so you can save some money. In Monaco itself, prices start at $200 per night, even for a place in a budget hotel. If you want to meet as little as possible commoners, then a hotel room with a decent casino and restaurant, or maybe with a private beach, will cost from $300. Which is not bad when compared with the prices for a room in the center of London or Tokyo.


Grand Casino

The main casino is the Monte Carlo Grand Casino. Having paid 10 euro for entrance, visitors can plunge into luxury and aristocratic sophistication. If you play poker, the finals of the European poker tour will be held in early May. At this time, the city is full of card players attracted by the largest tournament. Grand Casino is one of many architectural attractions of the Europe. It began work in the mid-19th century. It has three rooms, each in its own, including 350 slot machines and 35 gaming tables. Noise, chaos, buzzing slots are a standard set. Do not forget the tailcoat and monocle!


Le Casino Cafe De Paris

It was also built in the middle of the 19th century. 1200 slot machines! The wine cellar has over half a million bottles of wine.


The Sun Casino

The entrance is free. There are 450 slots and 27 game tables.


Monte Carlo Bay

The newest casino on this list. Instead of coins, checks with a bar code are used.

So, you are in Monaco and are ready to visit one of the best casinos in Europe. If you have a limited budget, think in advance how to save money. There are few ways to cut costs. The main way is to play at low rates. Of course, this is not as exciting as putting everything on black, but if the goal is to enjoy it as much as possible, then this is an excellent strategy. Make the right choice of games. My choice is always progressive jackpot machines.

Roulette can be a very fast game. If this is your choice, bet on red-black or even-odd.

The best games for saving money are board games. You can have fun for many hours, without high costs. Pay entry to the poker tournament and enjoy. Blackjack is not a bad choice either.

If you are impressed by Hollywood stars, make a visit to Monte Carlo during the Cannes Film Festival. There is a chance.

Eating in Monaco is not expensive. Bakery, pizzeria, cafe. That’s all.


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