How to humiliate a casino player

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 18, 2019, 8:47 p.m.

If you lose, the mind moves to another reality, and you must accepted it and try to overcome stress. And on the other hand, knowing about this moment, because of different reasons you can help to plunge into the atmosphere of helplessness and suicidal thoughts by means of various questions. Maybe the casino customer spoiled everyone the whole evening by his rude behavior or you just don’t like him. Yes, not all of us are highly moral people: during the history of mankind human beings remain the most ruthless predators who can easily gnaw a weak fellow countryman.



Remember, the best thing you can do when you lose, is to get up and go to bed. This way you can avoid questions that will excite you for a long time.


Maybe if you train more, next time everything will be better?

This question is infuriating for two reasons. First, in hindsight, everyone is smart and this phrase has no practical meaning. In casino games, luck plays a major role, but how can I train it? Secondly, the statement that the problem is the lack of practice is an accusation that the loss of money is a player’s own mistake and could be avoided. People don’t like it when they make a remark indicating errors, believe me. So here is a question, maybe it is better to send an opponent on the famous traction to a neighboring galaxy?


Seriously? You’ve lost so much?

Almost always, those who lose, begin to feel a little better trying to convince themselves that their loss is acceptable. Focusing on lost money is a move worthy of serious intrigue.


Well, this is not the first time?

Why not to remind a person of the frailty of his being?


You will be better next time, right?

After saying this phrase, you can consider yourself a jeweler in the world of insults. Of course, he won’t feel better another time. He will be worse. Because, most likely, the loss will be repeated.


How much have you lost?

When they tell you about losses, it’s so wonderful to share your problems; also you can specify in return how much exactly the player lost. Remind him once again, so that he could experience the whole gamut of feelings once again.


Well, will you win back?

Of course, everyone wins back and he wins back. Hold your smile. If this phrase pushes your friend to the pawnshop - you have reached the goal.


This is just not your game, consider other options

It’s rude, but not bad either. You indicate to another that he is stupid and cannot manage his life himself.

This is your game, entertainment, but any jokes on the loser can have sad consequences. Keep it in your mind. Make your jokes easily and naturally.

Before leaving, don’t forget to tell about your winnings.

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