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Most players who are new to the entertainment industry are wary to registering on casino websites and making payments. Such fears have a right to exist due to the number of fraudulent operators. Players complain about slow withdrawal of funds, fake software, insufficient customer support and lack of security when it comes to personal and banking information. New customers often question the fairness of available games and doubt if the result is truly random. There are secure and legal casino sites, and there are sites that make money by robbing people as well. The same is true for everything you can buy on the Internet: some webstores use secure encryption, the others do not.

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Random number generator (RNG)

All types of games offered at an online casino are based on random number generators. The only exception to this rule is live dealer games opereted by a croupier and broadcast live from the studios of well-known software developers. When you play at an online casino, the result of each rotation of a slot machine’s reels or a roulette and the outcomes of each baccarat hand are determined by special programmes. The goal of this sophisticated software is to simulate random results. This is achieved by generating long sequences of numbers without any logic circuits or predictability. Some players ask themselves: “Is it possible for a website to fake randomness of a game?” Such a question is indeed highly relevant since fraudulent operators do exist. All online casinos that care about their clients and respect them publish such test results on their websites to make them available for everybody. Players who open a real money account in organizations certified by reputable independent testing agencies, such as TST or eCOGRA, can rest assured that games offered by them meet the highest standards of security and honesty.


Security methods used by online casinos to protect players

Another question asked by players deals with safety measures applied to safeguard financial transactions and to protect personal data submitted during the registration at a casino website.


Identification and age verification

Licensed casino operators are required by law to verify age and identity of all players registering on their website for real money gaming. It is meant to ensure that all players are of legal age. Since operators cannot visially assess the age of their clients, the latters have to submit copies of some personal documents to confirm their age. Another important reason that makes it necessary to verify identity of players is prevention of fraud, such as identity theft or money laundering. There were cases when unscrupulous people tried to get rid of illegal income by depositing funds on their casino account and then taking winnings as “clean” money. For this reason, registered players are asked to submit documents for identification, such as copies of their identity card, driving license or passport. The name in the document must match the name specified on the credit / debit card that is used for payment processing.

Players also must undergo a procedure of address verification that includes submitting of copies of recent utility bills. This is meant to check if the address specified in the identity card match the address in the bill. It confirms that the player has provided his valid address when registering on the website. Usually such checking is necessary when somebody sends his first withdrawal request, but you may be asked to undergo this procedure again if you try to withdraw a considerable amount of money from your account at the online casino.


Data encryption

Players who register at regulated licensed casinos have absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to safety of their personal and banking information. All top casinos in the field apply Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. This standard safety technology is also used by millions of financial institutions and payment system websites to secure processing of bank transactions. The SSL technology is applied to establish encrypted connection between a browser and a server. In most cases, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption is used for this purpose. Two keys are required to establish encrypted connection successfully. One of them is a public key and is used actually to encrypt information. The other key is private, and its purpose is to decrypt the encoded data. This encryption method ensures that all confidential information transferred between a browser and a server remains confidential. The SSL technology also prevents attackers from accessing sensitive data. Even if such a person manages to get access to information, he will not able to use it unless it is decrypted with the usage of the private key. Websites that use this technology are easily recognazable by a small lock icon displayed in the address bar of your browser. This indicates that the information is securely encrypted. You can also recognize such a website by characters “https” at the beginning of its address.



Online casinos use advanced firewalls to control traffic sent to or from their websites. The purpose of these firewalls is to set specific parameters and then to determine what traffic can be allowed to be sent to the website and from it. Firewalls are designed to prevent unsolicited traffic from passing to a server.


Criteria for the selection of an online casino

Trying to choose among hundreds of online casinos, many players try to find out which of them are secure and which are fraudulent. A secure online casino is any website licensed by a regulatory authority that does business with its clients honestly and fairly, processes deposits and withdrawal timely, protects financial data of its customers, and also has been tested and certified by an external auditor. These auditors check the software used by this online casino. Trust information is published several times a year, and an insecure casino may never renew its certification and may not even make it available. The gambling industry is quickly making itseld at home in the online world, so if a casino spends too much time processing payments or explicitly refuses withdrawal of client’s money, gambling sites inform their readers about it. If you read numerous reviews of some casino stating that it did not process withdrawal of money fast enough, you can assume that playing there is not safe.


1. Regulatory authorities license

All trusted online casinos must undergo a process of software testing before they can open their virtual doors. There are special regulatory authorities whose task is to ensure legitimacy of online gambling operators and to provide them with licenses allowing casinos to offer their services lawfully. These regulatory authorities are also responsible for observance of license terms by the licensees. Another important function of the licensors is to resolve any disputes between players and an online casino should these arise. Secure gambling providers always publish the name of the regulatory authority that has granted its license to the operator, together with the number of the license. As a rule, this information can be found at the bottom of the main page of a casino’s website.


2. Customer privacy policy

Read the privacy policy of the website before registering. A licensed online casino usually states in its privacy policy that personal and financial data provided by players during the registration will not be shared with any third parties, especially for marketing purposes.


3. Explicit term

Another way to determine if an online casino is reliable is to take a quick look at its Terms and Conditions page, where the operator specifies terms of use of the website and the services offered by it, and provides important information about promotional campaigns available for players. These terms must be stated in a clear, comprehensive manner that is understandable for all players. Any promotional information set out in such a manner that it can be interpreted in a number of ways should be a serious warning for players. Transparency is a feature you must focus on when making a decision where to deposit your money.

Before applying for any bonus, you should read and understand terms and requirements of gambling provided within a promotional campaign. Some players take screenshots with the specified terms and conditions. At first glance, it may seem odd, but in fact, there is a very good reason for that. It often happens that some fraudulent casino changes conditions and requirements for bonuses receiving if disputes arise regarding the winnings. The above-mentioned Terms and Conditiond section is placed at the bottom of the main page of each online casino, so be sure to read it carefully before registering an account or applying for any bonuses.


4. Regular software cheking for game integrity

Some testing agencies, such as TST, have established a practice of publishing relevant information about their clients’ results on their websites.


5. A wide range of banking methods for account replenishment and withdrawal of money from an
online casino

Withdrawal of funds to e-wallets that takes just a few hours became almost a classical solution of the issue. Withdrawal using the bank details or to a banking card will require a few days. Payment processing time in an online casino should not exceed several hours. If a casino delays payment, a player can file a complaint to the regulatory authority. Remember that these limits do not apply in case of winning of a jackpot.


6. Effective customer support

This point is the easiest to recognize. It’s a perfect situation: you contact support service, and the team reply to you in real time, helping to resolve the issue. It’s a terrible situation: you’ve got a problem but have to wait for the reply for several days and are not given any explicit information. The terrible situation cannot arise in a good online casino that has long been on the market. If you found yourself in a terrible situation, apply for withdrawal of all money, wait until you get it, feeling full harmony, and never play at this casino again.


7. Responsible gambling

Customer care often takes the form of promotion of responsible gambling that is a popular phenomenon in online gambling games industry. It is a well-known fact that betting on the result of various games is one of the oldest and the most common forms of leisure in the world. There should always be a certain degree of self-control, since otherwise players will be at risk of falling victim to gambling addiction. This is why regulators demand that online casinos promote responsible gambling and protect their clients. This is achieved by adopting the so called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that have to be implemented by all online casinos.

There are several aspects of responsible gambling promotion, the first being the protection of minors. This is achieved through strict identity and age verification procedures that all players must undergo when registering an account. Thus, the risk of participation of minors in online gambling is minimized. Another important aspect of responsible gambling promotion is making it possible for registered casino members to set deposit limits for themselves.

In some cases, players may choose between weekly, monthly and even daily limits: after transferring a certain sum, you are not allowed to make other transactions to your account, at least at the moment. Some online casinos also offer the so called Game Time Reminders informing players about the amount of time spent on a particular casino game. Numerous slot machine games have an autospin function that makes it easier for less cautious players to get absorbed in playing. They can set loss limits for a game to solve this problem.

Another important responsible gambling practice is implementation of self-exclusion tools. When a player feels that he starts having problems, he can establish a ban on playing at a casino, and his account will be completely blocked for a certain period of time, as a rule, for 6 months, but this time limit depends on gambling operator. After the termination of the exclusion period, the player may request access to his account by contacting a support team member. It is also possible to exclude oneself permanently, and in this case, the account will be blocked forever without a possibility of reactivation.

Finally, all secure online casinos that appreciate their players and care about their well-being provide lists containing phone numbers, websites and addresses of organizations that help addicts to solve their problem. The most famous organizations of this kind are GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous. As a rule, such information is published on the main page of the gambling operators’ websites, in the Responsible Gambling section.


Cash out policy

The most popular complaint discussed on specialised forums deals with withdrawal of winning. Most sites provide a possibility to cancel pending payments. The longer this option is available, the worse it is for a player. He has time to change his mind and to cancel withdrawal. Money will be transferred back to the account, and you may lose it when playing slot machine games or roulette. It will be better if you find an online casino where a right to cancel withdrawal is given for less than 12 hours. If it is impossible to cancel withdrawal, this is the best option. The less time you have for cancelling, the faster a casino process your payment and the sooner you get your winning. If the payment process time is 72 hours, it means that the operator will start transferring money in 72 hours after receiving a request for withdrawal. Some casinos establish limits on amount of money you may withdraw within a certain period. The best option is a gambling establishment with no limits on the maximum sum that can be withdrawn. If you win 10 thousand dollars, it will be better to get your money in one payment. The last thing you need is to win money in a company that cannot pay winnings. If information about cash withdrawal aspects is not specified on the website, contact the customer support team and ask a question.

Speaking about casinos, there is another factor working against them: people will always be suspicious of gambling. How do they determine the result of games, what security measures are applied to protect payments and personal data? When you play online, you must be sure that you are using secure websites that apply strict security measures, as offline casinos in Las Vegas or Macau do. Online gambling operators must do their best to protect you. The truth is that there are a lot of secure gambling websites. Many governments regulate and control their national versions, while other versions are managed by multinational companies with a long history in gambling industry. The largest European online casinos are those that are controlled by firms that used to specialize in sports betting.


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