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Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 29, 2019, 9:05 a.m.

Sadly, the vast majority of players are destined to lose. This is the reality of gambling and an important nuance that you should always remember. Regardless of the purpose with which you play, the casino will always make a profit. Sooner or later, luck ends and your money for the game, too. If you do not have gaming discipline and strict control over yourself, playing in a casino can become a problem in your life. The game can be enjoyable if you enjoy the game process, keep track of the game budget and do not create problems for yourself while playing.

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Every casino client has his own approach to the game process. It would be better if your actions and attitude to what is happening are supported by logic, reason and a sense of discipline. Otherwise, you will find yourself stuck in a series of misfortunes and getting out of it without help is not always a trivial task. Since each player is individual, you and only you is the one who needs to establish the basic rules to keep things under control. Do everything consciously.


Do not expect victory

Some people manage to profit from their gambling activities. I haven’t met such people, but they say that there are no more than 0.0001% of them. For the remaining 99.9% of the gambling community this is not so. Casinos and bookmakers remain in business and operate solely because the vast majority of players lose. If you gamble and expect to win, a potential disaster awaits you. Having unrealistic expectations will lead you to disappointment and depression. View winnings as an opportunity, but not as a guarantee. Gambling is a form of entertainment, not a source of income.


If you are not able to comply with the gaming budget, gambling is not for you

The money management strategy for the game is not particularly interesting, but mandatory. Never bet money that you cannot afford to lose. Each bet made will go directly to the casino cashier. If you can lose 1 cent with a smile on your face, then play for 1 cent. Managing a game budget simply means determining how much you can afford to lose over a period of time. This point must not be violated under any circumstances. If you need to play big, make one bet in the amount of the monthly budget and go to sleep. I did like this and I liked it.


Take all the winnings

You started with $ 10 and a miracle happened - you won $ 1000. What are you doing? Most likely, you are cashing out $ 500, and $ 500 you are spending on pointless bets. Then you cancel the cash-out and bet more. Decide in advance, what you will do. Do not make a terrible decision. If you have won, stop the game and go to sleep, and in the morning think again what to do with the win.


Emotions are under control

Emotions are your worst enemy in life. If something went wrong, the best thing you can do is to go to sleep. It’s surprising. But I don’t know a better way.


Learn the rules

It is impossible to enjoy playing in a casino if you do not fully understand what you are doing. Look through all the available information, understand the payout structure, study the available strategies for the game, immerse yourself completely and understand how everything works.


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