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Etiquette and what is prohibited in the casino

Dec. 23, 2019, 7:35 p.m.

Before your first visit to the casino, it will be useful to study some simple rules and regulations so as not to get into an awkward situation. Here are some simple tips to help you have fun at the casino while avoiding the judgmental glances of other visitors and claims from the security service.




Mute your mobile phone and don’t talk on the phone at the game table

This distracts players who are trying to concentrate on the game. The dealer will ask you to turn off the phone during the game or to move away from the table.


Dress according to the rules of a particular casino

At some Las Vegas casinos, you can play in sandals and a T-shirt. The Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino provides the opportunity to play wearing swimming trunks while swimming in the pool. Other casinos have clothing requirements for visitors and you will have to wear a shirt, trousers and boots. Before visiting, find out what the rules are in a particular casino not to have to go home.


Do not drink too much

A casino is a place for fun with free alcoholic drinks, where adults can relax and have fun playing gambling. Control yourself and you will save money, you will not ruin the evening for other visitors and staff.


Seats at the table

Seats at the table are only for visitors participating in the game. Even if all the seats are free.


Use chips correctly

Special chips are used at the roulette table so that the dealer could correctly track bets. To exchange chips or cash, just lay them in front of you when you sit at the table. Never transfer cash from hand to hand to the dealer - this is prohibited by the security service.


Listen to the dealer

The dealer leads the game and all his words are important. If he says "No more bets", so then it is.



Since the roulette chips are different from the rest, you will need to exchange them when you decide to leave the table. Ask the dealer about it while roulette is spinning and he will exchange special chips for regular casino chips. You will not be able to receive cash at the table.



At the roulette table, you will have chips of a special colour to distinguish your bets from the bets of other players. Do not reach across the table to place a bet. If the area of ​​the table in which you want to place a bet is too far from you, ask the dealer to help. If you win, the dealer places paid chips on top of your bet. It is your responsibility to remove chips from the betting area if you do not want them to be played on the next spin of the wheel. You should do this before the dealer says that there are no more bets as touching the chips in the betting area is forbidden from that moment by the rules of the casino.


Keep yourself in control

Gambling can both please and upset. A series of failures can ruin your mood, but do not displace your anger on the staff. In developed countries, for insulting a dealer you can be denied the entry to the casino. Not to mention the fact that forcibly leaving the institution, accompanied by security officers, is not pleasant at all.



Remember, no one requires giving a tip, but try to observe the tradition and reward the dealer either at a time or in a small amount every hour. I recommend tipping when you sit down at the table.


Casino Security Requirements


  • when the dealer has set the marker on the winning number, the players should not touch the chips and take the winnings at the “internal bets” (one number, two numbers) when playing American roulette, until the payment at the “external bets” is finished (odd-even, red-black, first 12, second 12). When playing European roulette, the payout order is reversed. This is done to avoid confusion, and minimize the likelihood of stealing other players’ chips. Check the order of payment by asking the dealer;
  • players are forbidden to touch the chips after the dealer’s words: “Bets are made”;
  • when the dealer has set the marker on the winning number, it is strictly forbidden to touch the chips. Depending on the rules of the casino, and whether it is American roulette or the European roulette, the order of payments may be different. Check with your dealer;
  • you cannot transfer money to the dealer from hand to hand. The player must put money on the table;
  • it is forbidden to use a mobile phone at the table. It is forbidden to take pictures;
  • the player is allowed to put only chips, drinks, cigarettes and money on the table. The purse or bag will have to be removed;
  • when playing craps, dice are allowed to be taken with one hand. If you want to change your hand, you will have to put the dice on the table and only then take them with your other hand;
  • when throwing, the dice must hit the opposite side and should not be thrown above the dealer’s eye level;
  • the throw will not be counted if the die or dice left the table;
  • do not delay the throw; do not touch the chips of other players;
  • in most jurisdictions, casino security may ask a player to leave the table or casino without giving a reason. In New Jersey and Las Vegas, such actions against law-abiding citizens are illegal.