Blackjack variations

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 18, 2019, 9:33 p.m.

Blackjack is a fairly simple card game and many are familiar with its classic version. There are over 100 varieties of blackjack. I recommend to immerse yourself in the study of the issue and get acquainted with the most popular versions for choosing which one you like for the game. Don’t make a mistake by projecting the simplicity of classic blackjack onto other variations. This article will only give a brief overview.

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Super Fun 21

One of the most popular game variations which has existed for quite long time. Before the cards are dealt, there is a round of betting. If a player is dealt blackjack, then he always wins the dealer. On any cards you can double. Your chances of winning are much higher than traditional blackjack. The main point is in payment. The casino pays for blackjack 6-5 instead of the traditional 3-2, which eliminates the advantage of liberal rules.


Double Attack Blackjack

Four cards of face value 10 are deducted from the decks. This significantly reduces the chance that a player or dealer will get into blackjack. The number of decks is increased to eight. Players have the opportunity todouble immediately after receiving the first two cards. All cards, except aces, can be re-divided 4 times. Dealer stands on soft 17.


Triple 7’s Blackjack

A mix of blackjack and slot machines. Five decks are playing. There is a huge progressive jackpot. The winning depends on the number of sevens that are in the hand. To get the maximum payout, a player needs three sevens of the same suit.


Vegas Strip Blackjack

The dealer stands on soft 17. Mostly, four decks are playing. Aces can be split only once. When splitting aces, you can only get one card. 21 on split aces is not considered as blackjack. The advantage of the casino is 0.35% with a perfect game.


Chinese Blackjack

The mainstay of Asian casinos. In the game one or two decks are used. A unique feature is that the dealer is allowed to selectively open the players’ hands and calculate bets with them. Own payment system.


Blackjack Surrender

The decks are mixed in the end of each hand. The casino wins blackjack players. A player may give up at any time. After the deal, the player gets back half of the bet.


Blackjack Switch

The player has two hands at the same time, cards can be thrown between hands. Blackjack payout is 1:1. The dealer plays 22 points.


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