5 steps that won’t help to win when playing poker

Author: OldGoose | Date: Dec. 29, 2019, 10:19 a.m.

The men’s world is designed in such a way that few people will refuse the idea to become a gambler who makes a living by playing a game. Poker affiliates overhype lucky players and claim that everyone can become such a dandy. Some people spend decades studying the game, but don’t succeed. But it is obvious that the path of a successful poker player is not so easy and to be engrossed in studying is not enough. On average, about 20 million people play online poker per year. But how many successful professionals do you know?

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Remember, you have a better chance of becoming a movie star in America than building a career in poker.

If it’s impossible to convince you, then I’ll point out the steps that definitely won’t help you become a professional.


Watching professional games

Most likely, a professional player has spent a lot of time studying the game, and he is able to play both in an exploitative style and in GTO. What will a person get from watching his hands against a specific opponent? Just as a stone can’t understand a sheep, and a sheep - a human being, so an ordinary man can’t understand a professional poker player. The best way in life is to avoid illusions. Think about it. If you watch boxing matches for the world title, will this make you a boxer? However, poker schools are full of videos with battles of live and online games with comments left by so-called experts.


Game with real opponents

Differences between offline poker and online poker is the subject of a special Olympiad. But I know one thing, if you want to write a book, then you have to sit down and write a book. If you want to win in football, then you need to play football and score goals. If you want to learn how to play online, then you need to play online.


Online poker game

You will have to invest a lot of money. If you come a long way, deal with all the nuances, get stressed, spend your money and time in order to win small percentages at the risk of large amounts of money, think about it. Is it worth the effort? Moreover, there is one important nuance that is almost impossible to learn. If you are psychologically unstable, unable to control stress, gambling, including poker, is not for you.


Study like crazy

There are things that need to be learned in poker. However, there are those things that you can’t influence. Excessive concentration on a process with a series of failures can be confusing. Maybe it’s better to study Math at Stanford than to consider thousands of factors in the game where too much depends on luck? Treat the game as an entertainment, make efforts to achieve more down-to-earth goals, and maybe one day you will become a professional player with broadcasts on TV channels.


Money management for the game

There is a small logical mistake. When you play at a loss, you don’t have money, it is a waste of money for gambling. And when you play poker and get profit, then it’s likely that you have figured out what the attitude to the funds for the game should be.


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